What is the difference between mobile air conditioners and air coolers ?

Air conditioners are the most commonly used cooling tools in summer. They are generally fixed. For convenience, there are mobile air conditioners and air conditioners on the market, neither of which are fixed. So what is the difference between mobile air conditioners and air conditioners?

1. What is a mobile air conditioner?

A mobile air conditioner is an air conditioner that can be moved at will. There are compressors, exhaust fans, electric heaters, evaporators, air-cooled fin condensers and other devices in the body. The body is equipped with a power plug and the chassis base is equipped with casters. mobile. The appearance is fashionable, light and dexterous.


2. What is an air cooler?

Air cooler is a kind of household appliance with fan and air-conditioning mode. It has multiple functions such as air supply, refrigeration, and humidification. Using water as the medium, it can send out cold air below room temperature or warm air. Most air coolers have a dust filter to filter the air. If there is a layer of photocatalyst on the dust filter, it can also have a sterilization effect.


Third, the difference between mobile air conditioners and air coolers

1. The mobile air conditioner has a small model and volume, and is stylish and portable. The mobile air conditioner is a kind of mobile air conditioner that breaks through the traditional design concept, is petite, has high energy efficiency ratio, low noise, does not need to be installed, and can be placed in different houses at will.

2. The air cooler uses water as the medium and can deliver cold air below room temperature or warm and humid air. Compared with electric fans, air coolers have the functions of fresh air and removing odors. Air coolers can not only prevent the electric meter from tripping, but also have a cool and refreshing feeling.

Fourth, which is better, mobile air conditioner or air cooler

1. Air coolers can lower the temperature by about 5-6 degrees than ordinary fans, have low power consumption, have no dehumidification function, and increase air humidity when used, which is more suitable for areas with relatively dry weather. The temperature adjustment effect is almost the same as that of traditional air conditioners. It can obviously adjust the temperature of indoor air, and can be adjusted to different temperatures as needed. However, after use, the indoor air temperature is not uniform, which is easy to cause discomfort and air-conditioning diseases. At the same time, the power is large and the power consumption is large.

2. The mobile air conditioner is suitable for office, outdoor and other public places. The power consumption and price of mobile air conditioners are relatively high.

Post time: Oct-12-2020