Lianchuang’s Circulating Fan won the “2020 German iF Design Award”

A few days ago, the “2020 German iF Design Award” medals have been sent to the award-winning company – Lianchuang Electric, a subsidiary of Lianchuang Technology Group, has also received this award with its independently designed Pedestal Air Circulator Fan vertical circulating fan. This is this year that Lianchuang has won the German Red Dot Award for its convection heater and once again won the IF Design Award, one of the “Three World Industrial Design Awards”, which fully demonstrates the world-class original design strength of the Lianchuang brand.

In terms of product design, user experience and brand influence, the iF Design Award has strict criteria. Global innovative companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Apple have all been the winners of the award. As one of the most important design awards in the world, the iF Design Award is well-known for its “independent, rigorous, and reliable” award concept. It has always been a globally recognized mark of excellence in the design field, and is even known as the “design industry Oscar prize”. Therefore, winning the iF Design Award symbolizes that a company’s products or services have outstanding performance in many aspects such as “design”, “innovation”, and “functionality”.

At the beginning of the design, the Lianchuang design team conceived that the product must be functionally differentiated from the circulating fans on the market. After several rounds of design ideas, the team cleverly integrated the fan’s handle with the fan’s left and right head together they form an integral design, and the shape is integrated into a complete circle, which not only realizes the function of the tilt head, but also highlights the characteristics and novelty of the product appearance, and reflects the organic combination of functionality and beauty, and enhances product recognition. The combination of white and black colors reflects the technological sense of the product.

sdfThis vertical circulation fan has also achieved innovation in function. It is different from ordinary fans. It uses the wind tunnel principle in aerodynamics. It forms a strong and concentrated wind column through a new type of large torsion angle fan blades and air guide rings. It can form a strong air volume, and the air supply distance is 3 times that of ordinary fans. Rotate 120 degrees in the horizontal direction and 90 degrees in the vertical direction to adjust the wind direction in a wide range and increase the air supply area. At the same time, it does not directly send air to the human body, but by agitating the indoor air and refraction, the indoor convection wind is generated, accelerating the circulation of indoor air, and achieving the effect of rapidly reducing the indoor environment temperature, improving the comfort of use, and The mission of Lianchuang is to “make everyone’s favorite products and make life happier”, and strive to make people feel happy and comfortable after using them.

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Post time: Nov-23-2020