Lianchuang Technology Group held a joint meeting for the third quarter

On the morning of October 13, Lianchuang Technology Group held a joint meeting for the third quarter of 2020 in Lianchuang Academy. Group Chairman Lai Banlai, Group Directors Zhang Yuqi, Chen Ye, Wen Hongjun, Chairman Assistant Lai Dingquan and other leaders, as well as the group’s various leaders Heads of functional departments, heads of various industrial companies, members of the Economic Management Committee, and heads of finance and human resources attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Ye, Group Director and Assistant to the Chairman.


At the meeting, Liu Qinghui, executive deputy general manager of Liantek, Yao Li, deputy general manager of Lianchuang Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd, Wen Hongjun, general manager of Xinliangtian, Xu Jin, general manager of Lianchuang Electromechanical, and Ning Chuanjiu, deputy general manager of Lianchuang Sanming, respectively performed quarterly operations. work report. Each reporter used a clear and intuitive set of data, with pictures and texts to systematically analyze and elaborate on the third quarter performance review, the completion of the five key tasks of the year, and the bright and dark spots in the third quarter, and put forward the first Fourth quarter performance plan. Subsequently, Chen Ye, director of the group and assistant to the chairman, announced the main business objectives of each branch in 2021, and arranged the fourth quarter of human resources work for each company. Chairman Assistant Lai Dingquan made detailed arrangements and arrangements for the Group’s 2021 comprehensive budget work.

During the meeting, Wei Weicong, head of the IT department of the group, reported on the implementation of the information system of the group and each company in 2020. Chen Jiandong, the group’s external IT consultant, shared excellent cases of informatization, and proposed methods and methods to improve business management with the help of information systems. Initiative.

Chairman Lai Banlai delivered a concluding speech, emphasizing and requesting related work.

1. Continue to implement and consolidate information construction. The group has invested more than 20 million yuan before and after. All companies must actively promote information management. All people who use information systems, from high-level to ordinary employees, must issue job certificates; 2. Each company Through the “three sales tables”, we will deeply explore market opportunities for each region and each product, and sprint to complete the annual business indicators; in the third and fourth quarters, each company will make arrangements for the 2021 budget and key human resources work; fourth, the group has introduced several Senior management talents in the same industry, everyone should open their minds, learn from each other, learn from each other, make progress together, improve company performance and profits, and improve employee benefits.


In the end, Lai Dong encouraged everyone: “Go ahead and be happy.” Encourage everyone to do things to the extreme and do better, so that they can find their own value on the platform of Lianchuang and realize their dreams.

So far, the third quarter joint meeting of Lianchuang Technology Group has successfully concluded. The meeting arranged the key tasks for the fourth quarter and clarified the strategic plan and business goals for 2021. The company will use this meeting as an opportunity to identify advantages, make up for shortcomings, and make precise efforts to sprint for the fourth quarter. Strive to fight the 2020 closing game and lay a solid foundation for the start of 2021!


Post time: Oct-16-2020