Can the air cooler be used for heating in winter?

The air cooler can be used for heating in winter. Air coolers are divided into two types : one is a single refrigeration type air cooler, and the other is a cold and heat double-effect air cooler. The former can only be refrigerated, and the latter can not only refrigerate but also heat, but the price is more expensive in comparison.


Precautions for using the heating function of the air cooler in winter:

1. When pouring water, use pure water as much as possible to reduce the growth of bacteria during the condensation process. In addition, the water in the tank should be added frequently and replaced regularly.

2. After the air cooler is running for a long time, the blockage of dust and dirt will affect the air volume and cooling effect of the filter and air curtain. It is best to clean it every two weeks.

3. When using air coolers, the distance should not be too close. If necessary, consider using some dehumidifiers or dehumidification facilities.


Air coolers have a temperature of 5-6lower than ordinary fans. They have low power consumption and a low price. Some products also have the function of heating air and add negative ions. They are small in size and easy to move. It is cooler than a fan, and consumes less power than an air conditioner. Secondly, the air conditioner fan has various functions (negative ion/heating air, etc.), which is convenient to move.


Lastly, below two models of air cooler and heater are for your reference. We hope you would fancy them.

Model no. DF-AF2808K

Model no. DF-AT2501KG1

Post time: Oct-13-2020